Planner / Calendar Tabs

SKU: TF99-3001

Need quicker access within your calendar or planner to schedule life more efficiently? With these DIY tabs in six color schemes, you customize as you see fit for your busy schedule! Package comes with 18 adhesive tabs, so you can label and stick them on the monthly view pages or anywhere you need to quickly reference.

Customizable tabs help organize planners, calendars and notebooks for easy access to planning. Each package of 18 comes with a sticky back making adhering to pages easy and quick.

TF Publishing is deeply committed to reducing the production of waste and our impact on the earth. Our eco-conscious efforts both small and great include: our team’s dedication to recycling and composting at work, a wind turbine powering our corporate office, and the removal of plastic from most of our products. We want consumers to know these practices are so important to us, we’ve adopted the mantra: Goods Without Guilt.

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