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The Reading and Writing workbook is 48 pages of practice that incorporates mazes, Hidden Pictures puzzles and other fun activities to make learning enjoyable for kids. It builds dexterity, fine motor skills, tracking, shape recognition and drawing skills that are key to writing in school. Lessons include letters, sight words, handwriting, composition, visual literacy and more, all aligned with school standards. It comes with a colorful, illustrated certificate of achievement at the back of the book.

Key Features :

Reading and writing are important building blocks for future learning, and Highlights™ brings Fun with a Purpose® into these activities for first graders.Our award-winning content blends important skills with puzzles, humor, and playful art, which makes learning exciting and fun.Kids can practice handwriting, opinion writing, narrative writing, grammar, vocabulary, rhyming, and phonics, all of which will help students improve and will build confidence in the classroom.Highlights is the trusted brand that believes children are the world's most important people

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