Double Value Vertical Flash Cards Multiplication Division

Children learn the dynamics of multiplication and division through visual aid. These double-value flash cards in vertical format consist of 81 cards printed two sides, one side printed with a multiplication problem and the other side with a directly related division problem (e.g. 3x1=3 on one side, 3÷3=1 on the reverse). For every multiplication fact, there are three other facts that belong to the same family. Suggested activities included.

Key Features :

Great for teaching the relationship of +/- and multiply/divide; (Example 3+1=4 on one side, 4-1+3 on the reverse).familiarize children with the basic facts of multiplication and division. Quick recall of math basics, "mental math". Application and interpretation of mathematical language for important elementary concepts. Auditory/visual association.Notched corners for quick organization. Large, easy to handle 6-1/4" x 3-1/4" cards. Bold, heavy type to use with large groups. Durable, thick card stock (14 pt.).Self-checking (the number on the lower right of each card give the correct answer for the opposite side). Great for small groups, pairs, and whole class participation.

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