(6 Pk) Colorful Chalkboard Nameplates

Organize your classroom in a time-saving fashion by using personalized the classic touch of colorful chalkboard to create a welcoming environment. The 36-piece pack of Colorful Chalkboard desk nameplates will make it easy for you to manage classroom seating and for students to find their place. Desk nameplates add a personal touch to otherwise plain desks, and your students are sure to appreciate them! Ideal for assigning and keeping track of desks or cubbies, these multipurpose nameplates can also be used for labeling and organizing your classroom. Each pack includes 36 nameplates that measure 9.5 x 2.875 inches. Sold as 6 packs for a total of 216 nameplates.

Key Features :

Great to use for labels, locker tags, flash cards, and Word wallsThe writing lines make these nameplates perfect to use in centers for printing or cursive practiceMix and match desk nameplates with coordinating products in the same themeUse these decorative desk nameplates to help teachers, students, and substitute teachers learn names

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